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Space Station

Canadarm End Effector

Canadarm 1 and Canadarm 2 "grab" onto the Space Station and other objects with something called an end effector. Using common household supplies, experience for yourself the elegant design of the Canadarms. Try it Yourself!

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1. Why does it take so long to move Canadarm2 into position?

2. When did people start living on the ISS?

3. How many astronauts can live aboard the ISS?

4. Who built the Space Station?

5. Does the ISS crew have enough food and water for the whole mission?

6. If there is no up or down in space, does the Space Station have a top and a bottom?

7. How long will the International Space Station last?

8. How big is the International Space Station?

9. How many space stations are there?

Astronaut School

Try This!

Spacewalking 101

To remember everything they must accomplish during a spacewalk, astronauts wear a checklist and stay in communication with the Station and Mission Control. Try your hand at following a set of instructions while wearing simulated space gloves. Try it Yourself!


1. Who can apply to become an astronaut?

2. How long is an astronaut?s career?

3. Can I buy a seat on the space shuttles or a Russian rocket?

4. How do I meet an astronaut?

5. What space-related careers, other than astronaut, can I consider?

6. How often will I fly if I become an astronaut?

7. How much do astronauts make?

8. Where are astronauts from?

9. How do astronauts prepare for microgravity?

10. Can Canadians become astronauts?

11. How long does it take to become an astronaut?


Try This!

Burp Rockets!

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Experience Basic Rocket Science for yourself by designing and launching a simple pop rocket! Try it Yourself!


1. What is space junk?

2. What was the first rocket?

3. How big are rockets?

4. Is space travel safe?

5. How do the astronauts get back to Earth?

6. How long does it take the space shuttle to get into orbit?

7. Why do space shuttle flights have names like "STS-100"?

8. Is there gravity on the Space Station?

9. How does a rocket stay in orbit?

10. What is a rocket?

11. Do rockets "fly"?

Living in Space

Try This!

How Tall Can You Go?

Most astronauts grow 3 to 6 cm taller in microgravity. You can observe this spinal lengthening right here on Earth. Did you know that you are slightly taller in the morning than in the evening? Try it Yourself! Did you know that Christmas sales and boxing day sales are also available in space? Do you know how we celebrate the New Year in outer space?


1. What happens to your sweat when you exercise in space?

2. What are astronauts really doing up there?

3. How do astronauts wash in space?

4. How do you go to the bathroom in Space?

5. Do astronauts drink recycled urine?

6. How do astronauts prepare meals in space?

7. What does space food look and taste like?

8. Who does the housekeeping in space?

9. How do astronauts exercise in space?

10. What do astronauts do for entertainment?

11. Do you feel isolated living in space?

12. What is microgravity like?

Space Science

Try This!

Lost in Space!

In the microgravity of space new astronauts often lose their sense of direction. Did you know disorientation can affect your ability to perform a simple task? Try it Yourself!


1. How much does it cost to send stuff into space?

2. Are all astronauts scientists?

3. What types of living organisms have been to space?

4. Why do we spend millions of dollars on space when there are so many problems down here on Earth?

5. Why do science in space?

6. What is space science?

7. Can anyone send experiments to space?

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